My 100 Mile Gift Diet

Every year I start a pre-Christmas diet to try and lose the 5 lbs. I know I will gain back over the holidays.  This year I’ve decided to try something different – a Hundred Mile Gift Diet.  I’m not sure it’s really a thing but the more I think about it, the more I’m convinced it should be. 

The hundred-mile gift diet requires any gift I purchase to be made by a local artisan, or bought through an independent retailer within 100 miles of my home. 

Like most diets the hundred-mile gift diet requires me to plan.  Which artisan markets should I attend?  Who will I invite to share this fabulous feast of gift ideas with? What’s new in the quaint local stores and when should I enjoy a relaxing day strolling through them?  Will I stop for a frothy latte or a hot apple cider while I shop? 

Just thinking about this gets me in the holiday spirit in a way that late night Amazon binges never have.

The hundred-mile gift diet is also a gift to your community.  By following it, not only will you find unique and creative gifts, but you’ll also be supporting your hardworking neighbors, investing in your community and lessening your environmental footprint. 

I hope you’ll join me on the Hundred Mile Gift Diet this Christmas.  I can’t guarantee you will lose weight but I suspect you will have a lighter conscience.


For a list of local events and markets:

 Spread Joy to the World with Gifts for the Planet from Ten Thousand Less

Discover fabulous finds at the Salish Sea Centre Store in Sidney

Give the gift of memories from Nunn Other Photography.


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