My Sustainable Journey

As the owner of Ten Thousand Less, you'd expect me to live in a zero waste home.  But here's the shameful truth.  I don't.

Like many of you on this journey, I'm fairly new to it.  My kitchen drawers have beautiful new beeswax wraps and pouches which I alternate with old plastic ziplocks I'm squeezing more life from.  I can't wait for the day I finish that last bit of tin foil on the gigantic roll I purchased at Costco a few years ago.  I will finally put it in the recycling bin and hope like hell it doesn't end up in a landfill.  

So for me, sustainable living is a journey. One I feel passionate about. 

Since plastic is my pet peeve, my journey started with the purchase of mesh produce bags and beeswax wraps.I made the mistake of washing the beeswax wraps in hot water.  They didn't last long. I then decided to test several brands, prioritizing those made in Canada.I tested them for function, longevity, value for money, and the joy they gave me.I discovered that giving up plastic wrap (which never worked well anyway) felt really good.

I soon found local suppliers of beeswax pouches and bowl covers and added these to my kitchen.  Next came produce bags, bread bags, stainless steel straws…and the list goes on. My kitchen is now in full-on test mode. If I’m going to recommend a product on tenthousandless that I hope you will use for as long as possible, I want you to love it. And as I find ‘lovable’ alternatives to single use plastics, they will be added to my site.

I often ask myself why it took 53 years for me to acknowledge it's time to change. I think it has a lot to do with my daughter who is mindful of waste and concerned for the impact on nature and wildlife.  Whether your journey was sparked by your children, your grandchildren, or a love of animals and wilderness, I am so grateful we are making this change together.




  • Hi Frann, Love what you are doing:). Rgds, sharon

    Sharon brink
  • love the kids who lead the way <3


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