About Us

This journey all started with our church Minister dedicating a Sunday service to climate change.  At the end of the service she asked us to consider how our knowledge and experience could make a difference.  That afternoon, my daughter Sarah and I took the dogs for a walk and brainstormed.  We came home, made a pot of tea, and created a vision board.  My side of the board focused on plastics and the waste I see in grocery produce aisles, etc.  Sarah's side highlighted the impact climate change is having on wildlife.  Together we envisioned a company where we would source, test, and sell eco-friendly alternatives to single use plastics and donate $1.00 from every sale to the preservation and protection of animals on Vancouver Island.  We came up with a company name - Ten Thousand Less - with a goal to reduce single use bags, wraps and containers on our island by 10,000 units.  Within a week we had registered our website and started our journey.

Items on tenthousandless.ca are mostly made in Canada.  Some have Ten Thousand Less graphics on them which have been created by Sarah to represent threatened and endangered animals on Vancouver Island including the barn owl, the orca, and the Vancouver Island marmot.

We launched tenthousandless.ca on October 21st because it’s Sarah’s birthday and was the Canadian Federal Election.  We hope to look back someday and know we made a difference.   Please consider how your knowledge, experience, and actions can do the same.

 Frann and Sarah